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Dr. Andy Boesky
Chiropractic for Babies and Children
Here is the really short story:

I love the pure unfiltered feelings that babies share.  I want to help them thrive.
Human beings have large brains and heads.  They also have tiny necks.
Before birth or at birth forces of the large head can misalign the tiny neck bones.
Misaligned spines put pressure on nerves that cause symptoms.
Gentle/Safe adjustments align spines & eliminate nerve pressure and symptoms

Here is the whole story:

People are smart! We are that way because we have a big brain which means our heads are large.
Being born at 9 months allows for the head to fit through the pelvis.  Any longer and they will be unable to pass through successfully.

Before birth until about 9 months-old the neck and spine are still under-developed and very delicate.  This is why you have to hold the head up for weeks after they are born.  Think about it…in the last month before birth, and even more importantly AT BIRTH the large head of the baby pushes on a very delicate and vulnerable spine…especially the upper neck.  Hard births and cesarean births can be worse.

Even if the baby is in perfect position before and during birth the newborn's spine may have pressure from the head and forces of labor.  Unfortunately most women I see for care in the last trimester of pregnancy have babies that are not in a good position, making the likelihood of upper spine problems even greater.

Nerves of the upper spine control many of the vital functions in the baby…digestion, immunity, muscle tone and so much more.  If the spine is misaligned in the newborn some or all of the symptoms listed can occur.  The good thing is this.  Chiropractic for newborns and babies can help.
Nursing Problems
Constant Crying/Screaming
Ear Problems
Bed Wetting
Tilted head/Neck

Yes, this is scary for parents…many think we manipulate a baby's spine.  We never manipulate a baby's spine.  It is very safe and very gentle.  Most babies don't feel anything and usually sleep, smile or look comfortable during their adjustment.  Call me personally if you have more questions.  (269)342-9090

Pediatric Chiropractors like me adjust newborns and babies everyday…and have for many years, and with great success.  We use a light pressure point technique that helps the spine "help itself" Most importantly, if your baby is suffering he or she deserves to feel better…and so do you. 

I am certified by The I.C.P.A…The International Pediatric Chiropractic Association in pediatric Chiropractic.  Please visit this amazing organization's website and learn more:

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